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You have a lot of fans, but you can’t find a suitable products to sell.
You have good ideas, but don’t have the money to start.
You have your own shop, but can’t find a stable supplier.

Cooperate with us, these are no longer a problem.

Join us and help us sell or cooperate through Drop Shipping&Wholesales.

You can get:

1.Ultra low wholesales unit price.
2.High commission and profit.
3.High quality of products.
4.24/7, multi-channel customer and technical support.
5.Long term of warranty.

The cooperation is open to residents in US or the sells who sell products in US.


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Or send us a message at: wangxuesong@valuelinkcorp.com

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Lyps’s products are of high quality and low price, especially the wholesale price, which is much lower than the average market price. Lyps’ products are very popular with customers. It brought considerable profits to my offline adult products store in the US. I am planning to increase cooperation this year.



I am a housewife and my husband works in other countries all the year round. After using the product of Lyps, I found that its quality is really good. Then I recommended lyps to my friends. They are also very satisfied with the products. Meanwhile, I also got a high recommended commission from Lyps. Now my friends also want to join us.

I have a small individual website that sells something. Customers place orders on my website and Lyps directly replaced me for delivery and dealt with related after-sales issues. I don’t have to be responsible for anything, but I can get a high commission. This is really great.