CHAPTER 3: Different Types of Vibrators and Sex Toys

Sex toys are seducing the crowds, albeit slowly. Discrete types of vibrators are even sold at Walmart, right beside the specialty lube and condoms. Yet as a whole, sex toys remain in the shadows.

A big reason for that is that they’re intimidating. The first time I saw a hot pink, giant strap-on dildo on a manikin is something I’ll never forget. Many of us know that we’re curious about sex toys. But we don’t what we want because we’re unsure of what’s out there.

Here’s another benefit of doing your homework. You don’t have to walk into a sex shop with your eyes closed, pick the first phallic shape you see, and run back to your car mortified. You can keep your cool and determine what you want first thanks to the Internet and this guide.

Understanding your options before buying a sex toy is a game-changer. If you’re thinking, “what’s it matter if I buy this vibrator or that one?” then I’ll stop you right there. It matters. Wouldn’t you be disappointed to jerk with a rabbit vibrator for ages, only to learn that your orgasms feel 10x better with a g-spot vibrator?

Each of us has a personalized recipe for pleasure. And it’s necessary to find a sex toy that accelerates, enriches, and caters to that recipe. All it takes is a little bit of erotic research and understanding.

To help you familiarize with the options, I’ve compiled a list of all the sex toys out there. If you’ve ever asked yourself, what is a dildo, this is the section for you. Keep in mind that all gender preferences and sexual orientations are equal in sex toy culture. If a toy appeals to you for any reason, check it out. It doesn’t matter what section it falls under, or what body part it’s geared towards. As long as you’re playing it safe, there are no rules.

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Of all the sex toys, female vibrators get a lot of talk. About 50% of women have used one before, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine. But it’s not just women. Either with themselves or their partner, 45% of men have used them too.

“Vibrators” is a vague term, and there are all kinds of different vibrator types on the market. But they all have one thing it common — they buzz. Some vibes are stronger than others, and they’re all designed a bit differently.

Bullet vibrator: Bullets are small, tube shaped vibrators that focus on any kind of external stimulation, though many users concentrate on the clitoris. They are ideal for beginners, quiet, and simple to use — you don’t have to worry about how to use this popular vibrator. It’s straightforward.

Try this: The Rocks Off Ignition Bullet

Finger vibrator: A finger vibrator slips on your finger like a mini glove. Wherever you touch, vibration will follow. These cool sex toys are fun for couples’ foreplay, oral sex, and masturbation.

Try this: Fifty Shade of Grey Secret Touching Vibrator

Classic Vibrator: Classic vibrators are long, tube shaped toys without any bend or texture. Choose this type of vibrator if you like clitoral stimulation, or are warming up to penetration.

Try this: Lovehoney Super Smoothie Classic Vibrator

G-spot vibrator: Ergonomically designed to arouse the G-spot, these female sex toys are great for those who want internal stimulation. G-spot vibrators have a slightly curved tip to inspire a deep, G-spot orgasm.

Clitoral vibrator: They can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but the best clit vibrator has one purpose: clitoral stimulation. Nearly three-quarters of women require clitoral stimulation for orgasm. If you’re one of them, you need one of these.

Try this: We-Vibe Touch

Mini (or Pocket) vibrator: Just as the name indicates, mini or pocket vibrators are small, portable vibrators that you can take on the road. You never know when you’ll be craving a buzz, and these guys are small but mighty enough to get the job done.

Try this: Doc Johnson Original Pocket Rocket

Luxury vibrator: As mentioned in Chapter 2, the quality of sex toys can greatly vary. A luxury vibrator is made with only the highest quality material, typically medical-grade (FDA approved at the highest level). These toys often have fancy details, like waterproof design, remote control options, and long-lasting batteries. (Bonus: sometimes, they’re gold-plated.) If you tend to go big and cost is irrelevant, a high end vibrator is for you.

Try this: Soraya by Lelo

Magic wand vibrator: Magic wand sex toys are the most traditional option. They have a wide surface area, creating strong vibrations for external stimulation. Some find the vibration excessive; others think it’s just right. To be safe, only go this route if you’re craving something powerful.

Quiet vibrator: For those who cherish or require privacy, a quiet vibrator buzzes with all the strength you need, but with the most silent motor possible. The materials are designed to hush the sound of vibration and keep the batteries from rattling.

Try this: Lovehoney Silencer

Double-ended vibrator: These are suggested for the more advanced sex toy users or the truly curious. Double-ended vibrators are worn with a strap-on harness. One end penetrates the receiver, while the other stimulates the giver.

Try this: Tantus Vibrating Silcone Feeldoe

Rabbit vibrator: The classic rabbit vibrator has tons of different versions, but the premise is the same. It has two parts: one that stimulates your G-spot, and one with a rabbit on the end, whose ears tickle your clit. This is the most popular vibrator, thanks to Sex and the City. It pleases those who desire fun, dual stimulation.

The Best Dildos

What’s the difference between a vibrator and a dildo, anyway? There are different definitions floating around. Both are phallic shaped toys. A vibrator vibrates and a dildo doesn’t. Unless you have a vibrating dildo, which is virtually the same thing as a vibrator.

Dildos don’t move on their own, so they’re under your command. If you’re using them solo, dildos teach you what kind of penetration you like. You can use them with a partner, too.

If you’re weirded-out that so many dildos come with balls attached to the the end, you are not the only one. But the balls make sure the toy doesn’t get lost inside of you, and also feel more like the real thing. Plus, they make a great stand for the dildo if you want to prop it up for a little erotic décor.                      

If you’re into penetration and the feeling of thrusting, make sure you add a dildo or two to your repertoire.

Dildo: Phallic shaped sex toy designed for penetration.

Realistic dildo: It’s exactly what it sounds like, a dildo that looks like a real dick. The best realistic dildo will provide penetration while feeling like the real deal, so there are often more design details, like veins, foreskin, and balls.

Try this: 8” Realistic Dildo by Lyps

Inflatable dildo: Inflatable dildos are inserted and then inflated with an air pump to the desired size. These toys are for people who want a “full” feeling, without the challenges of inserting a big toy.

Try this: Cock Locker Inflatable Dildo

Double-ended dildo: A double-ended dildo has two ends for people who want to experience penetration with the same toy. Or, one person can use a double-ended dildo for double-penetration.

Try this: Toy Joy Double Digger Dildo

G-spot dildo: A G-spot dildo is just like a regular dildo, but has a slightly curved end intended to stimulate the G-spot.

Double-penetration dildo: These dildos look like a double dick — one on top of the other, connected at the base. They are meant for double penetration.

Try this: Double Penetration Dildo by Wellsextoys

Glass, metal, and wood dildos:
These dildos are made for penetration, but with unique materials. While many toys are made from silicone, rubber, and plastic, many people prefer the sensation of glass (which can be warmed or cooled), metal, or wood instead.

Try This: Allure by NobEssence

Strap-on dildo: Strap-on dildos are designed a bit differently. They are phallic shaped, but with a round base that connects to a strap-on harness. Users wear the strap-on dildo to penetrate their partner. There are many different types of strap-ons including double dildo and size variations.

Try this: A&E Blue Wave Dildo

Anal Toys

One great thing about anal toys is they’re applicable to everyone. Before you knock it and label them as dirty, consider that anal sex is on the rise. Men and women of all orientations engage in anal stimulation, simply because it feels good.

Because many find enjoyment in anal play, there are a lot of options in the sex toy market. Anal sex toys range in intensity, from gentle to well, quite intimidating. I’ll list out some options that are ideal for beginners looking to try anal toys on for size.

Butt plugs: A anal plug is a small toy that you insert into your anus. The purpose of a butt plug is to provide anal stimulation and a “full” feeling. The toy is sort of almond shaped, skinny on the ends and fatter in the middle. It has a wide circular base to prevent the toy from getting lost. Butt plugs are ideal beginner toys for couples, or singles for masturbation.

Anal dildo: A good anal dildo is phallic shaped, but comes in a slightly different shape and size than regular dildos. An anal dildo is typically narrower, with curves designed to reach pleasure points in the rectum. They usually have a wide base for safety reasons.

Try this: Maia Porpora Swirly 7.5 Inch Silicone Dildo

Anal vibrator: Different than a classic vibrator, anal vibrators are typically narrower for easy insertion. They feature stronger motors for the powerful vibrations necessary to stimulate rectum and sphincter muscles.

Try this: Tom of Finland 5 Speed Silicone Vibe

Anal probe or wand: Another phrase for an anal dildo. Narrow, typically textured, phallic-shaped toy made for anal penetration.

Anal beads: Anal beads are beads or other smooth shapes connected together on a piece of string or rubber. The beads start small on one end of the toy, and increase in size towards the other end. You insert them into the anus one at a time so the body can adjust to bigger sizes, which makes them a perfect option for beginners.

Try this: Lovehoney BASICS Realistic Anal Prober

Prostate massager: Many men are able to experience prostate orgasms by stimulating the prostate region, or P-spot. These anal vibrators are aimed towards arousing the P-spot. (Wonder how to have a prostate orgasm? Don’t worry, we’ll cover it in Chapter 6.)

Try this: Mood Naughty 2 by Doc Johnson

Toys Designed for Women

Vibrators, dildos, and anal toys can be used by anyone feeling horny. But in addition to these classics, you’ll find a variety of toys that are designed with certain anatomies in mind.

The toys on this list are intended to stimulate the vagina, clitoris, breasts, and nipples in more specific ways than a vibrator or dildo. Although all sexes can engage some of these toys, I’ll describe them with women in mind. All of these toys are fun to use alone during masturbation, or with a partner.

Nipple clamps: These are little clips that attach the nipples. Usually, the tightness is adjustable, creating a pinching sensation or discomfort. They are used to make the nipples extra sensitive, and compliment pleasure with a touch of mild pain. You can also find vibrating nipple clamps too.

Try this: The Pinch Nipple Clamps by Fifty Shades of Grey

Nipple suckers: Nipple suckers are small caps that create suction when they’re placed on the nipple. The suction makes the nipples more sensitive to touch.

Try this: Silicone Nipple Suckers

Butterfly vibrator: Designed for hands-free orgasms, this is a clitoral vibrator that stays in place by straps that go around the legs. Women use this vibrator during sex, or as in addition to a dildo during masturbation.  

Try this: The Original Venus Butterfly

Love egg: A love egg is a little ball (that often vibrates), which you insert into the vagina. The egg is attached to string that leads to a remote control with various settings. It’s a fantastic beginner toy to use while stimulating the clitoris.

Try this: Cupid’s Perfect Vibrating Love Egg

Kegel balls: These are toys designed to give your vaginal muscles a pleasurable workout. You insert the weighted balls and squeeze your Kegel muscles, or pelvic floor, to keep them inside of you. Exercising your Kegel muscles gives you more control over your orgasms and the ability to make them stronger.

Try this: Black Glass Ben Wa Balls

Clitoral pump: A suction cup to the clitoral region, and a pump removes the air to create a vacuum-like sensation. The suction is meant to intensify clitoral stimulation and orgasms, while also enlarging the area.

Try this: Womanizer

Pussy pump: Similar to a clitoral pump, a pussy pump is a larger suction cup enclosing the clitoris and labia. It increases sensitivity of the clitoris and vulva while enlarging the size.

Try this: Doc Johnson Pussy Pump

Breast massager: A breast massager is basically a vibrating nipple sucker. Vibrating suction cups are applied to the nipples to create a pleasuring, sucking sensation.

Try this: Pipe Dream Pleasure Cupz

Toys Designed for Men

Toys designed for men center around the penis, scrotum, and prostate. While some of them can be used during sex with a partner, many of these sex toys are designed for enhancing the masturbation experience. Inviting a partner to use these toys on you tends to double the fun.

I’ll list out the toys with male anatomy in mind, but recall that you are at your own liberty to choose sex toys that best fit your pleasures, regardless of whom they are intended for.

Penis sleeves: Also called a cock sleeve, these are designed to slide on the penis like a condom. Penis sleeves are usually enhanced to provide texture and width for the pleasure of the receiver. The extra restriction of the sleeve also helps delay climax.

Try this: One a Day Latex Penis Sleeves

Penis extenders: Similar to a sleeve, a penis extender is worn like a condom. An extender is used to add extra length and width to the penis. Usually a penis extender reduces the sensation for the wearer, so climax takes longer.

Try this: Renegade Power Extension 2 Inch

Penis pump: A penis pump is a large cylinder that goes around the penis. A pump is then used to create airtight suction, creating an erection that is harder and more sensitive, while lasting longer.

Try this: Bathmate Hydromax X30

Cockring: A cock ring slides up the shaft of the penis and secures tightly at the base of an erection. It prevents blood flow, making for a harder, more sensitive erection that lasts longer.

Male masturbators: There are several brands, but the most well known is Fleshlight. Shaped like a flashlight, the top of these toys simulates the look and feel of an orifice (like a mouth or a pussy). The user thrusts his erection through the hole of the orifice for realistic pleasure.

Try this: Flight by Fleshlight

The Best Sex Toys For Couples

A lot of the toys that I’ve listed already make perfect couples’ sex toys. Vibrators, dildos, anal toys, cock rings/sleeves, pumps, and love eggs are some examples of toys you can try together.

But there are many toys that are designed for your bodies to enjoy simultaneously. Certain  couples vibrators fit a pussy like a clamp, with one part on the clitoris, and one part in the vagina to stimulate the G-spot. The toys are worn during penetration or masturbation. The bonus to wearing it during sex is that both parties get to enjoy the vibrations.

Try: Jimmy Jane Hello Touch or the ever-popular We-Vibe 4

What’s up with BDSM Sex Toys?

BDSM, an acronym for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism, is a part of the sex toy universe but has a galaxy of its own. BDSM toys combine sex and pain in a consensual and educated fashion. BDSM involves a diverse range of props that assist in the processes of domination and submission.

Like most categories of sexuality, there are levels of experience and interest. If you’re curious about the premise of these kinky toys, dig into some beginner options:

  •              Restraints and bondage toys
  •              Blindfolds
  •              Ball-gags
  •              Pinwheels
  •              Body clamps
  •              Floggers
  •              Spanking paddles

While some of these playthings sound and look like medieval torture devices, they are popular in the lives of many sexually healthy people. According to a survey by Durex, 36% of Americans use mild bondage devices during sex. If one in three people dig it, they must be onto something.

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Wrapping Up

In addition to the list I’ve compiled here, keep in mind there are even more genres of sex toys. From vibrating tongue pieces to chic vibrator jewelry to different sex machines, there’s a toy to meet every fetish, preference, and desire. It feels dizzying at first, but once you determine your predilections, the field narrows down.

Remember to keep your eye out for the materials used in each toy. Many of them are porous and potentially toxic, like the jelly and rubber toys, so throw in a package of condoms to keep the bad stuff at bay.

But condoms aren’t the only accessories to throw into your cart before checkout. Read into Chapter 4 to learn about the necessities of certain sex toy accessories, like lube and edible massage oils.

In the next chapter we talk all about sex toys designed for women (or genders with a vagina). Chapter 4: All About Sex Toys For Women