THE LAST WORD: The Symbolism of A Sex Toy

Your sex toy means so much more than you realize.

You already know that your sex toy has a night job. But did you know that it has a second job, too? When you’re not getting down and dirty with your bedroom buddy, it’s busy being a symbol of your sexuality and independence. Phew, it’s hard work but it’s rewarding.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an ambassador for orgasms. But the deeper symbolism of a sex toy might be its most important feature. Your sex life isn’t measured by the number of orgasms you have. What matters is the type of relationship you have with sex.

At it’s best, sex inspires confidence and delivers satisfaction. (Whether it’s with ourselves or others.) But it’s not always that simple. Sex can also be a romping ground for fears and insecurities. Many of us face obstacles before we orgasm or feel an ounce of pleasure at all.

The fears and insecurities that surface around sex are countless: body image, sexual dysfunction, PTSD, gender dysphoria, to name a few. Hell, sometimes sex is just plain scary.

Sexuality is a part of our human nature. Every person has to confront sex, masturbation, and everything else under the umbrella. We each have to figure out what sex means to us. When we do, empowerment awaits.

So what’s this have to do with sex toys?

Sex toys are inanimate objects (duh). They give you pleasure in a technical way that a partner or your hand cannot. They’re not going to fall in love with you, or mess with your head, or make you cry. Sex toys only exist to teach you about your own personal brand of pleasure.

Sexual empowerment starts with knowing, pleasing, and loving yourself. It deepens as you navigate the world with a fearless sense of what you want. It ends when you get the things you’ve been searching for and reap the satisfaction. Sex toys can instigate and inspire this process. They are sexual empowerment.

It is my sincere wish that you start your exploration towards sexual empowerment today. I hope you find the sex toy of your dreams. Careful — I did say that your sex toy wouldn’t fall in love with you. But I never said you wouldn’t fall in love with it.