CHAPTER 10: Sex Toy Tips And Juicy Masturbation Techniques

Not all orgasms are created equally. Of course, having an orgasm is better than not having one at all. But once you get several O’s under your belt you realize that some are better than others. And it’s not just a coincidence.

Nine out of ten times, the quality of your orgasm is equal to the quality of your effort. The amount of time you take to toy yourself matters. The kind of mood you set matters. The technique you use to maneuver your sex toy definitely matters.

Every now and then, you need to whip out a pocket vibrator in the bathroom stall for a dirty quickie. Sex toys are good for that. But they’re even better for channeling those orgasms that knock you out.

Nine out of ten times, the quality of your orgasm is equal to the quality of your effort.

And for that kind of climax, you have to learn how to get the most out of your sex toy experience. Milk that dildo for every last drop of delicious pleasure. You might be sweaty and shaking by the time it’s over, but something tells me you won’t mind.

These details make your orgasms feel more amazing. And it goes even deeper— the more practiced you are at giving pleasure to yourself, the better lover you are.

The tips in this chapter aim to revolutionize your sex routines and teach you how to masturbate more effectively. The first tip? Ban routines from the bedroom.

Tip #1 — Clear your schedule

I know you have to clean the refrigerator, answer the emails, and maintain the social life. But don’t you dare speed up your sex toy session to get your chores done. Either clear your schedule so you can take your time with your sex toy, or save the sex toy for later.

You’re wondering how to use a sex toy the best way, here it is. Take your time. Don’t pull out your sex toy unless you’re going to give it time to work its magic. A lot of us feel guilty for masturbating for an hour. We settle for rushed and underwhelming orgasms that leave us feeling repressed and wanting more. I don’t know about you, but that’s my recipe for irritability.

One Olympic orgasm is more satisfying than three average, half-hearted ones. And it releases even more of those feel good hormones we talked about in chapter X. If you want an amazing orgasm, clear your schedule. Remove any pressures that might urge you hustle and get it over with. There’s no better feeling than closing the bedroom door, pulling out your sex toy, and knowing you have all the time in the world to explore.  

Tip #2 — Remove any distractions

Now that you have the rest of the afternoon to blow your own horn, you’re on the one-way road to ecstasy. But you know what’s the worst? Getting halfway to your orgasm and getting distracted by a phone call. Just hearing the vibration of a text can extinguish the fire sometimes.

Nix the cell phone, computer screen, and TV — unless you’re using them for a little erotic stimulation. Eliminate other distractions, like a fan blowing right on the parts you’re trying to warm up. Turn on the heat if you’re cold. Adjust the pillows on your bed so the crick in your neck doesn’t interrupt. This tip is setting you up for successful dedication to your sex toy. Don’t skip it.

Tip #3 — Set the mood

It’s downhill from here. Now that you’ve set the scene, it’s time to set the mood with a little arousal. Sexual arousal primes your body for epic orgasms. It gets the juices flowing, literally. When you are aroused, blood flows toward your genitals making them swell and lubricate (if you have a vagina). Most importantly, arousal makes you more sensitive.

When you’re aroused, every little touch inspires more pleasure. The clitoris becomes more receptive to even the tiniest buzz of a vibrator. The head of the penis feels a wave of pleasure from each stroke. One of the best sex toy tips is to maximize your arousal.

You can get aroused in a number of ways. Set the mood with a candle, darker lighting, and music if you want. Have a glass of vino. If you really want to turn yourself on, watch porn or read erotica before even touching yourself. If you’re masturbating, close your eyes and dream up a fantasy you can’t resist. Get yourself to the point of arousal where your genitals are throbbing, desperate for touch.

Tip #4 — Fondle everything but

Once you’re aroused, you’ll want to touch your naughty bits. Hold off a little longer. Stimulate other areas of your body, everything but the genitals. Use your fingers to tickle your skin or tease your nipples. If you want, use a vibrator on a low setting and trace the most sensitive parts of your body, like your inner thighs and neck. This tip is especially fun if you’re using a sex toy with a partner.

When the arousal stages hit their ceiling, give yourself the green light to use the toy wherever you want with an expertise technique.

Sex Toy Techniques for Women

If you want to get the most out of your sex toy, you have to be willing to try new techniques. Especially during masturbation, routines can become commonplace. We learn what we like, we orgasm, we repeat. The problem with this strategy is if you use the same masturbation techniques every time, the orgasms will slowly decrease in quality.

The reason for this is that nerves like variety. They like to be kept on their toes with a myriad of rhythms and intensities. Even though your brain is telling you it doesn’t want change, your orgasms will tell you otherwise.

Techniques for clit orgasms

The little nub that we all know as the clit is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Based on research discovered by Australian urologist Helen O’Connell, the clitoris extends far past the visible nub. It reaches down the vaginal wall, and in total size is about the same as the penis.

So much for penis envy. What this means for your masturbation technique is that there’s more stimulation to be found than just the visible clit. In total, your clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings awaiting excitement. Try these techniques with your vibrators and dildos:

  Rub your sex toy around the sides of the clitoris, all the way down toward your vaginal opening.

  Press a vibrator hard against the skin on the outside of your labia to stimulate other parts of the clitoris.

  While you’re stimulating the clit directly, use your other hand to press down on different parts of the mons pubis (your pubic bone)

  Avoid streaming one kind of intense vibration on the clitoris. Use the different settings on your toy and expose your clit to as many varied vibes as possible.

  Spread your labia and lay the length of the vibrator between them so it touches the clit, labia, U-spot, and vagina.

How To Get Earthshaking G-spot Orgasms

Using quality sex toys is one of the most effective approaches in how to find the G-spot. They teach you how to pick up the sensations. In the beginning, the sensations will be faint. As you get used to them, your nerves will give you stronger and stronger reactions. As with any penetration, make sure you use tons of lube.

  Use a good vibrator or dildo and only stick it in about 2-3 inches. Insert it straight, but gently pull the end of the vibrator (the one that is in your hand) towards your anus. This will make end of the vibrator that’s inside you tip up and touch your G-spot.

  Thrust your toy in or out so that it only goes as deep as three inches. There are a lot of nerve endings in the first few inches of your vagina, so you may feel the most pleasure this way.

  Using either of these methods, use your other hand or another toy to rub your clit or tease your nipples.

Other sex toy tips for women

  Use more than one sex toy at a time. While using one dildo or vibrator on your pussy, use an anal toy to heighten the stimulation in your entire pelvic region.

  Try masturbation on all-fours to really switch up the routine.

  Use a blindfold with your vibrator.

  Masturbate in front of a mirror.

Sex Toy Techniques for Men

Once you’re aroused, masturbation with sex toys necessitates a strategy to prolong and enhance the period before ejaculation. If you can master the art of delaying coming, you can orgasm harder than ever before. When you are refining your sex toy technique, remember that it should be enough to feel special without taking you over the edge right away.

Just like women, the nerves in your pleasure spots appreciate variety. That’s why it feels so good to masturbate with your less-dominate hand, because it’s a foreign feeling. Trying something new is the best strategy to get an explosive O.

Penile Masturbation Techniques

When it comes to penile stimulation, getting the most out of your sex toy typically means combining different types of sensation (such as touching your balls while you stroke your cock). No matter which toy you use, remember to use a lot of lube. It reduces irritable friction and feels wetter, like the real thing.

  Use a cock ring to create an erection that is extra swollen and sensitive. (Don’t forget the lube.) Then use a small bullet vibrator to tease the head of your penis.

  Insert a prostate toy or anal plug before you start masturbating.

  Use a cock ring at the base of your penis, or around your scrotum, and another just below the head of your cock (this one will have to be a smaller sized ring).

Techniques for scrotum and prostate orgasms

Adding a little scrotum and prostate orgasms to your masturbation technique will greatly enhance the experience. Adding men’s anal toys while you jack off stimulates the P-spot, or the prostate gland. Plus, when it comes to toys and masturbation it’s typically just the more the merrier.

  While massaging your cock, hold a bullet vibrator underneath your balls.

  Press a small vibrator against your perineum, the stretch of skin between your balls and anus. This stimulates the prostate externally and enhances penile stimulation.

  While rubbing your cock with one hand, use the other to play with an anal dildo or vibrator. Only insert the toy about three inches into your rectum. Move the base of the toy up and down to apply gentle pressure on your P-spot.

  While masturbating, insert anal beads one at a time. Then, just as you’re coming, pull the anal beads out.

Mutual Masturbation: Sex Toys for Couples

Have you ever seen your partner masturbate? You know they do it. They know you do it. But how come we hide it from one another?

It’s a silly circumstance considering how downright sexy it is to see your partner touch themselves. It’s even yummier when you get to touch yourself as you watch. Mutual masturbation is the new, hottest way to get the most out of your sex toy.

It seems scary at first to think of someone watching you do what is considered the most private act on the planet. But that is also the reason why it’s so much fun. Seeing your partner act uninhibited with their sex toy is like watching live porn starring the person you want to fuck most.

Mutual masturbation with sex toys starts with a conversation. Once you both agree to try it out, take care of the logistics. Do you want to be separate from each other so that touching isn’t allowed? Or do you want to see your partner close up and give them a loving stroke occasionally?

Once you start, ditch the fears. Everyone’s masturbation face is a little funny, even your partner’s. You’ll both be so swept up in the novelty of the act you won’t notice.

Use your favorite sex toy routine on yourself, like you’re putting on a show. You’ll be turning yourself on as much as you are your partner. Talk dirty to each other if it feels right. Tell your partner how good it feels. If you want to, try to orgasm at the same time — so long as that doesn’t add any pressure to kill the mood.

Using your sex toys in mutual masturbation makes it much more likely that you’ll both cum. It’s also an opportunity to get comfortable with using sex toys together, before you try using them on each other. But more than anything, mutual masturbation is yet another technique to get top tier orgasms from the sex toy you love.  

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