Lyps Hades:Massager Vibrating Anal Beads


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  • ✔ 100% WATERPROOF

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If you’ve ever wondered how to enter into a world of anal play, or the best way to enhance your anal pleasure experience, there’s no better way than to turn to the dark side of Hades. Lyps Hades Chargeable Anal Beads will have you melting in your most intense orgasms to date.

These anal beads aren’t just your ordinary anal play things. Hades is chargeable and long lasting, with up to 10 speeds and pleasurable settings. You’ll never experience a dull moment from these anal beads, as they provide variations of pleasure, from the smoothest to the most powerful speeds to stimulate yourself into pure ecstasy.

The Hades Chargeable Anal Beads graduate up to 4 beads, the smallest being 0.78 inches in diameter and the biggest one measuring at 1.81 inches in diameter. There’s nothing stopping you from challenging yourself to see how far you can stretch your threshold of pleasure.

Best of all, the Hades Chargeable Anal Beads are 100% waterproof, which means there are no limitations to your creativity. These anal beads can be used in the shower, during bath tub, or even in the pool (if you’re really that bold). And because these anal beads are created with FDA approved silicone, you never have to worry about foul odors when you’re done using it (so long as you wash with soap and water).

Speaking of the silicone – it is the same silicone that doctors are required by law to use with their patients. This silicone is also 100% phthalates free, making the Hades more than safe enough for you to use.

When delivered, Hades comes in a discreet, ordinary package to protect your privacy. It also comes with a sexy velvet drawstring bag.


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