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Lyps adult toys was founded in early 2015, with the goal of creating the absolute best sex toys on the market.

We use hand-cut medical grade silicone for each one of our toys. We use high-end motors and smart chips to power them. We use custom designs guaranteed to hit all the pleasure spots on a man or woman’s body. Anyone can use Lyps sex toys to reach unimaginable new levels of pleasure.

But Lyps is more than just a sex toy company.

We are proud members of a movement that is sweeping across America, and the world. A movement that aims to pull back the curtain and reveal the truth about human sexual potential. To lift the taboos surrounding sex that, while may have been vital in previous eras, now hold us back.

Myths and prejudices still hold back men and women from exploring their sexuality with high-quality sex toys. And it’s a shame. Many health problems (from everything to chronic stress to hemorrhoids) can be greatly aided, or even cured completely, by the informed use of sex toys.

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