If you are just starting out your foray into the world of sex toys, things can be a little daunting with the huge variety and types on offer. But fear not, because Lyps is here to guide you all the way.

There are many different kinds of sex toys out there, here is our guide to some of the most common sex toys you will encounter.


Just about every grown-up knows what a vibrator is (and if you don’t, where have you been??). For first-timers, this is usually the place to start. There are a few different types of vibes, such as shaft vibrators which are used for inserting, and wand vibrators which are used for clitoral stimulation. Some pack a fierce buzz, while others are gentler. In addition, there are plenty out there with adjustable speeds. These ones allow you to take control – a good starting point for beginners as you can start off on the lower speeds and turn up the intensity when you feel like it.

This 50 vibration patterns vibrator will be you best friend:


Dildos generally come in a much larger variety of shapes and sizes than vibrators, and if the buzz is not your thing, then they are a great introduction for pleasure-seeking beginners who are new to playing with sex toys or want to up the ante of their solo play. Many are cock-shaped, for the obvious reasons, and some have mighty textured veins running over the surface, while some have more discreet designs. Unlike vibrators which have artificial stimulation, with dildos, it all comes down to personal preference and whatever shape/size gives you the kicks. Dildos are made from all sorts of materials from silicone to glass to plastic. You really are spoiled for choice with this genre of sex toy, so there is absolutely something for everyone.

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This couldn’t be a sex toy guide for beginners without including this baby! The rabbit combines a vibrating dildo with two little ‘bunny ear’ style extensions. This provides the double effect of deep penetration and mind-numbing orgasmic clitoral stimulation. You really get the best of both worlds and there are many options to choose from. So from tiny to titan, there is one you will surely love.

You will definitely like this one:

Anal Toys

Okay, now for some, this area is off limits, but for those looking to mix things up a little or explore their bodies even further, there are a few toys which offer a good starting point. Anal beads and butt plugs are a good place to start, and can be used solo or with a partner. Both these types of toys come in a variety of sizes. Start off small if you’re a complete newbie and always use lube. Just get comfortable with inserting something down there, to begin with, your muscles will gradually relax and you will begin feeling more at ease. Once you are ready and you want to explore further, prostate massagers and strap-ons can take things to another level.

Want to try something new?


Keeping your sex toys clean is a very important part of looking after them. Anti-bacterial wipes, alcohol or even specially formulated sex toy cleaner can be used to ensure thorough hygiene. In most cases, however, soap and warm water will suffice, but be sure to clean every nook and cranny and pay attention not miss any part of it.

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