With the rise of the pleasureful prostate massage, men of all orientations are reacting with mixed emotions. Some are curious. Some are offended. And others are totally ecstatic — as they should be.

The P-spot is the term coined for the pleasure point associated with the prostate. And a lot of men, even the super-experienced, don’t know a thing about it.

Why is that? How is it that men have a hands-free, super orgasm button but don’t know what it is, where to find it, and how to stimulate it?

Because anal sex is still taboo, and that’s part of the package when it comes to prostate massage.

Anal sex has played a prominent role in every culture, East and West, since the Greeks. Probably since the dawn of humanity because if there’s a hole — you bet someone’s fucking it.  

Anal sex is a simple facet of human nature, yet 12 states still have anti-sodomy laws in place.

Today, society’s narrative about anal sex is incomplete. We discuss anal sex as it pertains to heterosexual couples and gay men. This isolates straight men in a way that keeps their own anatomy in the dark, locked up by the nonsensical stereotype: does anal sex make me gay?

The answer is a big, loud, screaming NO. The silver lining is that men are gradually starting to see the light. According to The Journal of Sex Research, 51% of men have engaged in some form of anal play.

You can think of anal sex as the portal to realizing the amazing potential of the P-spot. I don’t want to give it all away at the beginning, but the prostate is the buried treasure of male pleasure.

The prostate holds the key for multiple male orgasms. It can delay ejaculation and make you last longer. It can give you full-body, explosive orgasms without penile stimulation. It has an array of health benefits.

Hey, it wouldn’t have it’s own nickname for nothing. There’s a ton to learn about the P-spot and how it’ll overhaul your sex life. This article is a safe introduction to teach you the basics of male pleasure anatomy.

What Does The Male Prostate Do?

Most common answer: I don’t know, but can’t you get cancer there?

A little morbid, but true. Although the prostate is so much more than just a cancer zone.

The prostate is a small gland, about the size of a walnut, located in the center of a man’s pelvic bowl. It’s situated between the penis, bladder, and anus — check out a picture here.

The prostate is a vital reproductive organ whose main purpose is to secrete the prostatic fluid that makes up 30% of your semen.

Prostate fluid, full of zinc and citric acid, combines with other components of semen to protect sperm as they make their way through the vagina during fertilization. Additionally, the prostatic muscles pump the seminal fluid through your erection when you come.

Basically, the prostate is prime orgasm machinery. Without a prostate, you may not be able to orgasm or your orgasms might feel dull and unexciting. Unless you love a boring orgasm, you probably value your prostate more already.

If you’re still wondering about the cancer part, it’s a valid concern. Due to its central location and proximity to the urethra, the prostate can cause some lousy complications if it swells or grows. And more than half of men in their 60’s suffer from a growing or swollen prostate.

Prostate growth is often a result of prostate cancer, the second-most leading form of cancer in men (after skin cancer). In 2016 alone, the American Cancer Society estimated 180,890 new cases of prostate cancer.

Of course I’m not rattling off cancer statistics to worry you. Here’s the list: from health to pleasure and everything in between, the prostate gland is a part of male anatomy that can no longer be overlooked.

Tell Me About Prostate Milking and Prostate Orgasms

I realize that talking about the zinc concentration of prostate fluid doesn’t come across as sexy. But aside from its anatomical purpose, the prostate (or the P-spot) can be seen through a sexual, orgasmic lens.

Anal sex isn’t just some dirty treat to indulge in from time to time or avoid entirely. For men and women, it’s actually physically pleasurable. For men especially, anal sex feels awesome because it creates prostate stimulation by rubbing up on that P-spot.

The P-spot is full of excitable nerve endings, just like the tip of the penis or the clitoris, or any other erogenous zone. Plain and simple: if it gets touched, it’ll feel real nice. Real nice.

But just like the G-spot in women, P-spot pleasure varies from man to man. Some men can feel the pleasure almost instantaneously, while others feeling nothing at all. The reason for this is that often we have to train our nerves to feel sensation if they aren’t used to receiving it.

The more attention you pay the nerves in your P-spot during massage, the more easily you’ll detect stimulation. But it takes time and dedication to train the nerves to translate stimulation into pleasure. And a lot of men sigh and give up before they strike gold.

For many, striking gold means achieving the infamous prostate orgasm. If the P-spot is stimulated enough, there can be enough sexual tension to send the body into orgasm. Notice something missing? Think long and hard. A prostate orgasm is one that’s achieved without so much as touching the penis.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have an erection. You might, but it’s not necessary to have a prostate orgasm. It also doesn’t mean that you won’t come during a prostate orgasm. You will, but it’ll look different. Instead of squirting out with force, coming will be more like a dribble.

Whether or not you touch your penis during prostate milking is a bit of a hot topic at the moment. Some say that penile stimulation will distract you away from the sensation in your prostate, making the prostate massage pointless. Others say adding prostate stimulation to penile stimulation makes for an orgasm deluxe.

The anus has even been compared to the female clitoris, which has up to 8,000 nerve endings.

At the end of the day, it’s not about what one person says is better or worse. It’s about what you like the most. And the best way to determine that is to experiment with both. Lucky you.

Stimulating the P-spot involves anal penetration — we already got over that hump, right? The good news about that is there are tons of nerve endings in the anus that add to the pleasure of prostate play. In fact, the anus has even been compared to the female clitoris, which has up to 8,000 nerve endings.

I like to refer to the age-old excuse for engaging in taboo sex acts: If it’s supposedly so bad, then why does it feel so good? Maybe I’m biased (I am), but if something feels safely pleasurable: we should definitely keep doing it.

How To Milk A Prostate — AKA Prostate Massage

Alright, alright. Enough talking, you’re thinking. How do I get a prostate orgasm?

There are different ways to go about prostate stimulation, whether you’re by yourself or with a partner. But first things first, before you proceed with prostate massage, you have to locate your prostate.

The best way to find your prostate is by using your own finger. If you know where it is and how to get there, it’ll be much easier to direct a partner towards your P-spot. Plus, your finger is small and you’ll be able to actually feel the prostate gland yourself.

How To Find Your P-spot:

  1. Use tons of lube. Cover your finger and your anus before you start penetration.
  2. Lay on your back with your knees bent up. Play around with a position that will allow you to access your anus easily.
  3. Now, completely relax. If you focus on relaxing your anal muscles, everything will go a hell of a lot smoother.
  4. Slowly insert your finger up to the second knuckle or so. You may need to go a little deeper or shallower, it depends on the guy.
  5. Apply gentle