So you’re in a long-term relationship. It’s lost that heat, that passionate fire that once had you full of butterflies and perpetually DTF.

I know how it goes. You’re still wildly in love but the sex has become sort of predictable. You crave that pizzazz that once inspired spontaneous fucks on counter tops or carpet, rug burns and all. Since your partner feels the same, you both decide to try a sex toy between the sheets.

A week later, a box from Lyps arrives on your front porch in stealthy, discreet packaging — gotta love it. You and your partner look at each other with that nearly forgotten look of scorching lust and head for the bedroom.

Like any hot hookup, things go from 0 to 100 in about a second. You’re unsure of whether you undressed or ripped the box open faster. Candles lit? Check. Got the lube? Check…

But uh.. now what? You look back and forth between your new vibrator and your partner. The look on both of your faces says the exact same thing, what the fuck are we supposed to do with this thing?

Here we are to save the day. We know using a sex toy together is nothing like using it alone. You have to consider different anatomies and how to wedge that toy between two bodies. It can be confusing and awkward enough to extinguish that flame back to zero real quick.

Certain sex toys are more conducive for one position over another. For example, certain sex positions really enhance the sensations of a butt plug while others are better for a vibrator. It’s a formula, so to speak. And this article will make you quite the dirty mathematician.

If You’re Wondering About Which Toys To Use During Sex, You’re Off To A Good Start

Deciding to use a toy together is no easy feat. (And we’re talking about real sex toys, not homemade sex toys for couples.) The conversation is easily the biggest hump in the road. But once you overcome the obstacles you’ll realize using a toy together is no biggie. A lot of couples have already reached the same conclusion.

It’s realistic to assume that as sex toys normalize, our population is becoming increasingly sex-positive.

The most up-to-date research tells us that 53% of women and 51% of men have used a sex toy before. Of the woman who have used a toy, 78% were in a relationship. Of the men who have tried a toy, 60% have used a toy to please their female partner.

Let’s relish in the news that sex toy talk now applies to a majority of our culture. Especially since using sex toys has been linked to “health conscious behaviors.” It’s realistic to assume that as sex toys normalize, our population is becoming increasingly sex-positive.

But we still have a lot to learn. Like how to get the most pleasure out of our sex toys. Or how to use different types of sex toys in our favorite sex positions.

Easy for you, any sex toy can be considered a part of the sex toys for couples family. From male masturbators to pussy pumps — if you use it together, it’s a couples’ toy.

Guys, doggy-style is about to get even hotter. Girls, riding on top is about to feel even more pleasurable. Pay attention and take some notes, you don’t want to skip these sex tips for couples.

Sex Toy Positions For Your Vibrator

Hands down, a vibrator is the most popular sex toy for women. A woman’s battery-operated-boyfriend holds a special place in her heart. And using it during intercourse significantly improves her chance at orgasming.

But vibrators can be a little bulky, depending on the type. If you’re working with a Hitachi Magic Wand or the Lyps Rabbit Vibrator you have to get a bit strategic about your positioning.

You want the vibrator to have easy access to her clit. But you don’t just want to sandwich the vibrator between your bodies and proceed business as usual. She should be able to work the vibrator at different angles and have easy access to the toy’s different settings.

According to a wide-scale survey by Cosmo, 38% of women who don’t orgasm during intercourse aren’t getting enough clitoral stimulation. The point of using a vibrator during sex is to increase her clitoral stimulation so everybody goes to bed happy.

Legs Over His Shoulders Position

Listen up, girls: Lay on your back in a way that feels comfy. Make sure there is a pillow beneath your head so you can see all the action. As he situates himself between your thighs, extend your legs up his chest. If you’re super bendy your legs might be straight on his torso. If you’re in dire need for a yoga class or two, bend your knees as much as you need.

Once he is situated, grab your vibrator and go to town. You’ll have awesome range of motion to massage your clit at every angle.

Check it out, guys: As she adjusts her legs on your shoulders, scootch your hips closer to her pussy. Depending on your height, you may want to prop a couple pillows beneath her hips. If that doesn’t work you might have to physically lift her hips up to reach your cock.

Make sure you take the time to get comfy. Once you’re squared away, you’re only job is to thrust like you mean it. You get to see her whole body writhe as she pleases herself. Not a bad gig.

⚤ Classic Doggy Style

Everyone loves to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Doggy style is America’s second favorite sex position, although I’m surprised it’s not first. (Wondering what took the #1 spot? Keep reading.)

Guys love doggy style because it feels like they’re fucking their partner nice and deep. Plus, it’s a sweet view from the top.

But a lot of women love it too. Sometimes it just feels good to really get fucked, am I right? It’s just that realistically, a lot of women aren’t orgasming during doggy style. There’s no natural contact with the clitoris unless she’s using her hand.

Enter: vibrator.

Listen up, girls: This one really isn’t rocket science. Once you’re on all fours, he’s all set to saddle up. One helpful tip — spread your knees a bit wider. This way you’ll have extra space to work the vibrator around your clitoris and vulva.

If you want him to use the vibrator on you, you’ll have to adjust yourself differently. Do it close to a wall. Once he’s inside you, start to crawl your hands up the wall. Go slowly so that he doesn’t slip out of you.

You’ll be standing on your knees but leaning forward against the wall. He can easily reach the vibrator around to tickle your clit. Hooray hands-free orgasms!

Check it out, guys: When she’s using a vibrator in doggy style, make sure to be extra attentive to how she wants to be fucked. Whether you’re thrusting slow, fast, hard, or soft will have a huge impact on the kind of orgasm she has. So just ask how she wants it.

⚤ Sexy Spoon Position

Spoiler alert: Guys, you have to be the big spoon. Sorry.

Listen up, girls: I’m sure you two have already mastered the fine art of spooning. Assume the position. Once he’s inside of you, you’ll have to lift your top leg up a bit to have access to your clit. If you’ve ever tried this before then you’ll agree with me — it takes about 4.5 seconds for your inner thigh to start crying. That’s why he needs to hold your top leg up.

Once he’s holding your leg, reach your vibrator between your legs. Here’s where it gets tricky: the direction you’re both facing matters. You want your dominate hand on top so that using the vibrator is easy and you have more control.

Here’s a personal insight I’ll share with you. Once he has hold of your leg, shift your body so you’re almost laying on your back. (He’s still on his side.) This way the whole top of your body is exposed. He can tease your nipples with his tongue. The vibrator can more freely explore your clit and his scrotum.

If it sounds complicated, it’s not. You just need to get naked and try it on.

Check it out, guys: Once you’re spooning, starting thrusting. She’ll lift her top leg up so that she can massage her clit while you penetrate her. Use your top arm to hold up her leg. The easiest way is to hook your arm underneath her knee.

If she wants to hold her own leg up, you can be the one to use the vibrator on her clitoris. Or alternate so that both of you can play with the toy. Sharing is caring.

Sex Toy Positions For Your Cock Ring

What’s not to love about a cock ring? They’re small. Easily portable. Orgasm friendly. Sometimes fashionable. The best time to wear a cock ring is all the time.

For guys, a cock ring serves one central purpose: to enhance an erection. A cock ring secures at the base of your cock to keep the blood in your erection from flowing back out. This means an extra firm, sensitive, and long-lasting hard-on.

But some cock rings also have a vibrating piece, which does two things. One, it sends a fabulous, humming sensation up and down your shaft. Two, it can press against a woman’s clitoris during sex. Sex is all about these win-win situations.

Using a cock ring during certain positions will accent the sensations you feel with every pump. It can help you last longer in the positions that usually make you come too fast. If you like it then you gotta put a ring on it…

⚤ Plain Ol’ Missionary

Here it is friends, America’s favorite sex position. We might act like we’re land of the freaky, but soft-serve vanilla is really all it takes to keep us satisfied. Luckily, we can add some sprinkles on this position if we’re feeling crazy.

Listen up, girls: I don’t mean to knock missionary. It actually has a lot of pleasure-potential if you align things just right. The vibrating piece on his cock ring is meant to rub up on your clitoris when his cock is all the way inside of you. Focus on shifting your hips around as he thrusts to make sure the vibrating piece is contacting your clitoris.

Check it out, guys: Wearing a cock ring during missionary won’t change much for you. Except for making your erection more sensitive and long lasting. If your cock ring has a vibrator, it’ll feel diving on your chica’s clitoris. Every now and then, thrust really deep and stay there, so she can soak up some of the vibes.

⚤ Cowgirl Position

Every guy loves it when their partner takes the reigns and hops on top for a while. It’s a serious turn on to watch and feel a woman call the shots to get precisely what she wants.

During cowgirl, the woman chooses the pace, depth, and style of fucking. And as much as you might love that — it could make your erection soften. Or, you could come too soon.

Wearing any kind of cock ring during cowgirl position will make sure your cock keeps its head in the game.

Listen up, girls: Once your guys is sporting the cock ring, climb on top. Start riding in a way that feels best for you, whether you’re sitting upright or leaning forward a bit. Just keep in mind that the cock ring might make his erection hella firm. So you might have to adjust your body around his.

If his cock ring vibrates, hone in on that. Make sure the vibrating piece stays pressed against your clit. Combine the vibration with how hard he is… and who said only half of women orgasm during sex?

Listen up, guys: Sit back and relax. Don’t be the dead fish or anything, but soak up the pleasure. If you have a vibrating cock ring, use your hands to pull her hips down harder on your cock. It’ll make the vibration more intense on her clit. She’ll cherish your cock ring as much as you do.

⚤ Saddle Position

You know that epic sex position that every single Hollywood sex scene uses? Two partners sitting with their legs and arms wrapped around each other. Somehow, despite the fact that both partners can hardly move they’re both gasping in orgasmic delight.

Thanks Hollywood, for distorting our expectations about sex yet again.

This position, albeit immensely intimate, is kind of a hard one to master. There isn’t a lot of thrusting going on, so neither partner is getting anywhere. That is, until the cock ring came along.

Listen up, girls: Your man will already be sitting with his legs wide. Sit between his legs and spread your legs the same way, one leg on each side of his torso. Scootch your body as close as you can to his cock. As he enters you, wrap your legs around his torso, so your feet come together behind his back. Start grinding your hips up, down, and in little circles. The movements will be small.

Check it out, guys: Sit on the bed a little bit away from the wall or headboard. You may want to put a pillow or two behind your low back for comfort. Spread your legs wide into a V-shape. Once she lowers onto your cock, get cozy. You may want to wrap your legs around her, if possible. Thrust in small, rocking motions.

You both have to remember that this position is mostly intended for intimate connection. You know, the gazing into each other’s eyes, neck kissing, kind of stuff. Using a cock ring will keep your erection hard, and may even intensify the sensations.

Sex Toy Positions To Try With A Dildo

You might be scratching your head on this one. It doesn’t vibrate and it’s not a dick accessory — what’s a dildo going to do for us in the sack?

A dildo is an infamous sex toy, and it wouldn’t be so if it didn’t serve a purpose. Just think of a dildo as a penetration prop that you and your partner can bring into the bedroom.

A dildo adds penetration where there otherwise wouldn’t be. Think: foreplay, oral sex, and double penetration. Because you only have so many appendages, guys.

But don’t think that dildos are just sex toys for women, either. Times are changing, and straight men are more interested than ever in the potential of anal play. And what’s a better way to try it than with your trusted partner and a nice purple dildo?

⚤ Oral Sex Prop

Like I said, you can think of dildos as bedroom props. When using a dildo together, one of the most applicable ways to use it is during oral sex. Adding penetration to oral sex means you’re giving the gift of double stimulation.

Your partner will be begging for ways to thank you. See? Dildos: the gift that keeps on giving.

Listen up, girls: When your partner is going down on you, ask him to use a dildo to penetrate you at the same time. In addition to the clitoral play, the dildo adds G-spot stimulation. In case you haven’t heard, G-spot plus clitoral stimulation gives you the hardest orgasms.

Check it out, guys: If you really want to give your partner the special treatment, use a dildo on them during oral sex. While you’re toying her clitoris with your tongue, thrust the dildo in and out of her pussy. Ask her how she wants the dildo — fast or slow? Hard or soft?

⚤ DP Doggy Style

By DP, I mean double penetration. Why choose between P-in V sex and anal sex when you can have both? At the same time?

This position may be reserved for the adventurous types, but it’s also a perfect chance to use a dildo with your partner. Women get the sensation of being extra filled, while guys enjoy the raunchiness of backdoor sex. Do we have a deal?

Listen up, girls: Get on all fours the way you would for classic doggy style. Now lower your face onto a pillow or two, and turn your head one direction or the other. Grab your dildo with your dominant hand, reach underneath your belly, and find the angle that allows you to push the dildo into your pussy.

You might have to wiggle around and scrunch your body to find an angle that works. Hey, it’s half the fun. Fuck yourself with the dildo while your partner penetrates you anally. Hint — a vibrating dildo is heavenly in this scenario.

Check it out, guys: If your lover’s giving you the green light on this position, thank your lucky stars. Once she gets situated, slowly enter her anally. Don’t forget the lube, please.

You’re gonna love this one for two reasons. One, it’s anal sex, so duh. Two, you might be able to feel the dildo in her pussy, which will feel like an added massage for you. Especially if her dildo vibrates.

Sex Toy Positions To Try With A Butt Plug

Believe it or not, a butt plug is one of the most popular options when it comes to trying a sex toy in the bedroom. I know the sound of a butt plug feels too dirty or forbidden. But they can be beginner-friendly and approachable, too. So long as you have an open mind.

The best part about butt plugs is that they can be worn by both partners and enjoyed equally. Both men and women have tons of nerve endings in the anus. Everyone gets to enjoy that added sensation of feeling “filled.”

A butt plug can massage a man’s P-spot and make a woman’s vagina feel tighter. If you’ve never considered a butt plug before, it’s time to think again.

⚤ Lazy Doggy Style

Listen up, girls: After you insert your fabulous butt plug, lay on your belly and get comfy. Your partner will lay on top and penetrate you vaginally from behind. This position is ideal for a butt plug. Every time he thrusts, he bumps the butt plug and excites your nerve endings.

Check it out, guys: Once she’s on her stomach, lay on top. You may want to use your hand to guide your cock towards her pussy. Once you’re inside of her, notice how it feels. There’s a good chance her pussy will seem tighter.

That’s because the fleshy wall between her vagina and anus is pretty thin. The butt plug makes her vaginal space more narrow. If just the idea of her wearing a sparkly, rhinestone butt plug isn’t getting you off, this position definitely will.

⚤ Bend Her Over

Any kind of position where she is bent over feels incredible for a guy. The look and dynamic of the position gets them hard, but it also feels like they’re getting their cock in extra deep.

This position is best when the woman has something to lean on. Like a table or a desk. With the bend her over position, either lover can wear the butt plug. Or you both can don your own.

Listen up, girls: Once you insert the butt plug, find something sturdy. As you bend over, rest your torso on the surface. Your pussy already feels tighter because of the butt plug. Try engaging your Kegels (your pelvic floor muscles) to make it feel even tighter for him.

Check it out, guys: As you enter her pussy from behind, you get a whole lot of of visual stimulation here. While you’re watching the XXX-rated action, you get front row seats to the butt plug she’s wearing. Pair the visual stimuli with the added tightness thanks to the butt plug, and this might just be your new favorite position.

You can try wearing your own butt plug during this position, too. Since your glutes are engaged while you’re thrusting, the butt plug won’t fall out easily.

⚤ Reverse Cowgirl Position

Listen up, girls: Once your partner is on his back, climb on top with your backside towards his face. Straddle your legs over his hips and slowly lower onto his hard cock. Play around with an angle that works.

You can just imagine the show he’s getting behind you. Try leaning forward a little, placing your hands on his calfs. Move your hips up and down so he can see your pussy taking his cock in addition to ogling the butt plug.

Check it out, guys: As she takes you inside of her, enjoy the ride. Use your hands to grab her ass or work her hips. If you can reach, push your finger gently against the base of the butt plug. It makes the “full” sensation feel deeper.

Again, always the option to wear your own butt plug in this position. The awesome part about butt plugs is that they’re totally effortless once you insert them.

Sex Toys For Straight Couples And How To Use Them — Not As Hard As You Think

All of the sex positions with toys that we talked about are a product of one thing: experimentation. After respect, experimenting is one of the most important attributes in keeping your sex life exciting and pleasurable.

Regardless of how experienced you are or aren’t, the way your body combines with your lover’s is completely unique. In fact, there’s nothing else like it. Even if your partner’s slept with everybody in the zip code, no one has your body. So together, you share a world of sexual discovery and potential.

I promise the positions listed in this article aren’t the only ones that can be combined with a sex toy. I’m hoping you’ll find that out on your own.

But these sex tips for married couples and other lovers should be enough to stir the pot. Soon you’ll see for yourselves the magic of sex toys. They have a way of awakening a dormant sex life. Once your sex life is resuscitated, sex toys continue stoke the fire. And everyone likes it hot.

If this article helps you understand your relationship with your sex toy a little better, go ahead and share the knowledge with others. And let us know if we missed any sex positions that are perfect for couples and their sex toy.. AKA the perfect threesome!